All About Bidet Converter Kit – A Smart Way To Restyle Your Bathroom

It is important to spotlight our home designs, and especially pick the ones that tend to be reasonable solutions, hygienic, and as well as environmentally friendly. When it comes to decorating our homes, the toilet is one of the major spaces where we want a peaceful environment and all the luxuries that can help us stay easy and fresh in our bathrooms. So, here is what you need to know to convert your regular toilet/bathroom to a bidet!

What is a Bidet Converter Kit?

A bidet converter kit turns your basic toilet that involves washing functionality and is installed in a distinct way that requires very fewer effort. These days, bidet converter kits for bathrooms have been highly trending. These kits have sought a great deal of attention from consumers and have taken over the market. If you are the kind of person who loves to update your home, then here is the thing for you. Bidet kits give your bathroom a modern essence and make it attractively amazing!

Bidet vs Converter Kit

Bidets are designed to serve as an ersatz to basic toilet paper, which is helpful in saving from rectal itch and reduction of hemorrhoid pain. Although it is beneficial, it might cost too much for a full bidet whereas your money will be safe which however was to be spent on toilet paper. In addition, it requires more space in the bathroom, so it might not be suitable for every kind of bathroom. Whereas, water’s pressure and temperature are adjustable. However, a smart alternative to the bidet is bidet converter kits that serve here to be a lifesaver! As they contain some add-ons and work as great as the bidet, are reasonable and easily installed. While they are feasible for small space bathrooms and are very handy to install, they may require a separate electrical outlet and their heater might be unreliable.

Why Considering Bidet Converter Kit is Important?

If you are still pondering over whether or not to buy a bidet converter kit, then a simple yet useful answer to it is: It facilitates your water and toilet paper needs! Hence, they are highly useful in bathrooms. In today’s era where the earth is already suffering from water shortage, considering a bidet converter kit for your bathroom is a sensible decision. A bidet converter kit involves some essential add-ons that assure your hygienic needs by the means of washing your genitals properly while using a toilet seat. A bidet converter kit has proved to have more cleaning effects than ordinary toilet paper. The reason why bidets are more promising than toilet paper is that they provide improved hygiene, which in either case is not completely assured. This is how it reduces infection-acquiring risks too!

Types of Bidet Converter Kit

The basic purpose of all types of bidet converter kits is the same, that is to provide you with cleanliness to attain a high level of hygiene. The bidet converter comes in about four main types.

1. Attachments:

A bidet attachment is a kind of kit that involves the installation of the required appliance beneath your toilet seat. Here you can work on your existing toilet seat without making its replacements.

2. Electric Bidets (or Electric bidet seats)

In this type of bidet converter kit, electricity is used to warm the water temperature, which is purposed for cleansing spray. Interestingly, this kind of converter kit also comes up with a control panel whereby, you can make adjustments in the wash stream for giving a gentle spray. Some of the models are designed to use this feature for providing warmth on the toilet seats.

Additionally, some models have extra features of air deodorizer, warm air dryer, dual self-cleaning nozzles, and soft-close seats. Of course, these luxury features demand a good cost.

3. Non-electric Bidet seats

It works as an attachment type, discussed above. These seats provide basic cleansing. The only difference is that here you need to replace the existing toilet seat with a new bidet seat.

4. Handler Sprayer

This is the most common bidet converter kit type, which uses water pressure to function. They are less expensive and perform a basic required function in relatively all types of toilets. These sprayers are mounted beside toilet seats.

Some important models

1. LUXE Neo 185

Prior to this model are LUXE Neo 110 and LUXE Neo 120, which are the most basic ones. Both of them are similar in many aspects as they come up with self-cleaning nozzles. The model LUXE Neo 185 is the one that offers dual nozzles with an extra knob. The second nozzle works for clean function. This is ideal if you are looking for a bidet keeping in focus feminine hygiene.

2. TOTO C100 Electronic Bidet Toilet

This model counts as high-tech in the category of electric bidet seats. It involves temperature adjustment, a warmer toilet seat, weighs about 16 pounds, and has pressure control. This also includes the feature of front wash, which is favorable for feminine wash. Your toilets need to have enough width to incorporate them.

3. Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000

An Elongated White Smart Toilet Seat with a luxurious outlook and smart approach. This hygiene cleaner seat is the most advanced in technology as it uses hydro-flush technology. It assures maximum hygiene. Its feature also involves drying with warm air, has a flexible closing lid, and most interestingly, it has a side panel with a touchscreen where you can light it when in dark. It is environmentally friendly and uses considerably less electricity but has slightly lower water pressure as compared to other bidets.

Other Benefits of Bidet

Until now, you would have an idea of why bidet converter kits are beneficial to consider, here is a briefing of each of its benefits to let you have a broad vision of it.

1. You do not need to spend many costs on Them – They are utterly reasonable!

Every month when you buy tons of toilet paper for your family, this could cost you so high if you calculate the overall expense annually. Once you have a bidet convert kit in your toilet, you might only need fewer toilet papers as per your ease. Along with saving money, you also practice saving the environment from generating waste!

2. Environment Friendly

As much as you consume toilet paper, industries utilize much of the resources in making these toilet papers. Once you reduce its usage and add a bidet convert kit to your lifestyle, it will help restore resources and save the environment. Besides, by using a bidet converter kit and avoiding toilet paper, you also will not add any synthetic material to your waste, which ultimately results in clogging the sewage and treatment systems.

3. Cleaning Improves Hygiene

Although from the years you have been relying on toilet paper, it does not always end up satisfying you as it sometimes fails to clean the genitals properly. You might feel like you have cleaned properly, but the microorganisms are so stubborn to stay stuck on your skin, risking your parts with infection or at least foul order. Either of them is unacceptable! Usage of a bidet converter kit instead washes away the remains more accurately, while helping you stay safe against any yeast infections or UTIs.


If you are concerned about your hygienic level and want to advance your lifestyle, bidet converter kits are ideal to pick in this scenario. To save our planet from any deterioration, it behooves us to add some eco-friendly options to our daily routine. Because bidet converter kits are very affordable and promise you hygiene also require lesser space, they tend to appear as the best option in today’s world. So do not think more, if you have not yet, it is time to grab the bidet converter kit model of your choice and install it in your toilets!