DIY Desk Ornaments: Easy and Affordable Ways to Personalize Your Workspace

Most of us nowadays spend the maximum time at our office and keep staring at the walls in our free time. Instead of getting bored Affordable Ways to Personalize Your Workspace, have you ever thought of placing something on the desk right beside you? Something aesthetically appealing catches the attention and looks exactly like a cool desk ornament.

Yes, you heard it… 

Though it won’t help you complete all the office tasks in less time, an ornament helps create a cleaner and better environment. Feeling confused about the cool desk ornaments and their uses? No need to because that’s what we will be discussing in today’s article.

What Is A Desk Ornament?

These ornaments are decorative items that beautify offices or rooms and even organize things (in some cases).  Most of us have only imagined such ornaments as something that could contribute to visual treats or help us give a nice outlook to our workspaces, but that’s not it. Table ornaments have been found to produce a huge increase in productivity and also boost motivation for many people who have used them properly.

Well, this doesn’t mean that you place a batman ornament on the table desk, and it will keep you motivated all day long…


There are several types of ornaments, and they serve their purpose. For instance, some ornaments are used to increase beauty, while others are used to awaken your alpha male feelings. Here are some types of desk ornaments listed below.

Types Of Desk Ornaments

Affordable Ways to Personalize Your Workspace

1-     Decorative Sculptures

Decorative sculptures are the simplest type of cool ornaments you will ever get to see in the Etsy desk ornament section when buying.

Still, thinking about what these are?

Well, have you ever gone to the decoration shop and seen some figures lying around labeled as sculptures? Yes! We are talking about Batman and Antman figures which are sometimes too expensive to afford (not necessarily). They can be made from various materials, including glass, porcelain, or metal. Their material usually depends on the type of design they hold.

1-     Desk clocks and timepieces

What’s better than having a beautiful clock right beside your desk?

Clocks aid in time management. However, some might argue why to buy a clock when a smartphone can serve the same purpose. Well, we all know that the moment we pull out our mobiles, the notification panel gets the most out of our productivity, and thus there is tons of procrastination.

Back to our topic, desk clocks may include traditional clock faces, digital displays, or more unique designs that can add a decorative element to the desk.

2-     Planters and vases

Planters are usually used to hold live plants or artificial flowers and can add a touch of nature and color to a workspace. These types of ornaments can create a positive environment in your office, allowing you to be more productive. For example, A Zen Garden is a small tabletop garden for meditation and relaxation. 

3-     Desk lamps

Does the office feel too dark?  Or are you planning to light things up just to highlight something? 

In both cases, desk lamps and lighting fixtures are perfect for adding a decorative touch to your office. They come in various ranges and designs, which you can purchase depending on your preferences.

4-     Pen holders and stationery organizers

There isn’t a better way to keep things organized is by placing things in their designated places. Moreover Affordable Ways to Personalize Your Workspace, you cannot be productive in a room where pens and stationery are all placed without any order.

However, in contrast, keeping pens, paper clips, and all the office supplies in 1 place will help you save time and be more productive.

5-     Paperweights and Bookends

Paper Weights and bookends are also good ideas for purchasing ornaments. They serve the same purpose as pen holders but are used for books and papers instead. So, why not just go to the shop and purchase your first-ever bookends or paperweight?

But wait!

Before you go to the market, there are many things and considerations you need to be sure of.

Here are 5 considerations one needs to be sure of before purchasing an ornament.

5 Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Desk Ornament

Affordable Ways to Personalize Your Workspace

1-     Size and scale

You cannot fit a hulk sized ornament on a table with little space. This is why it is important to consider the size of your desk and available space before you spend money on something.

The next step?

Well, choose a desk ornament that won’t take up too much space but always remember to leave some space free. This helps you add something extra if you plan to change your mind anytime sooner.

2-     Color and material

Matching the ornament with the chosen theme of your office is never a bad idea. It is recommended to take a picture of the wall or the desk coloring and buy something according to that. This contributes to a great color scheme and will add a positive outlook for strangers when they give it the first look.

Furthermore, you also need to consider the material of the ornament. People sometimes get too involved with the ornament’s design and forget about the quality.


The design only looks good until the ornament breaks into pieces on the first fall. So always keep quality on the priority list.

3-     Style and Design


The most important and nerve-wracking part of buying anything is looks.  However, don’t just start stressing over purchasing a cool table ornament. Consider your workspace’s overall style and design Affordable Ways to Personalize Your Workspace, and choose an ornament that fits this aesthetic. 

For example, if you want that minimalist look in your room, choosing an ornament with clean lines and a simple design is better. Whereas, if you prefer a more ornate look, you might choose an ornament with intricate details or embellishments.

4-     Functionality

It is also important to know the working of a floating table ornament or why you are buying it in the first place. Many simple ornaments help you build a more organized or clean environment, mainly including bookends Affordable Ways to Personalize Your Workspace, stationary holders, etc.

However, if you want to feel motivated all the time, getting a table ornament with some cool saying that pumps you up is recommended.

5-     Personal Preferences and Tastes

Regardless of public trends, the ornament should always be something you love looking at. You can even buy ornaments that move inspired by your favorite comic book as long as it serves the purpose. If your heart keeps repeating Affordable Ways to Personalize Your Workspace, you are spending too much…

Just remember that some people have spent millions of dollars just on marvel sculptures. However, we won’t recommend spending money on random décor items. It is better to utilize that money and purchase an ornament with motivational quotes or organizers that provide a tidy look to the office.

6-     Budget

There are many cool desk ornaments with different prices, but no one is silly enough to sell a car and buy an ornament. First, to solve the problem, keep a specific budget in mind. Only then move on to purchasing an ornament that suits you best.

Tip For Maintaining Desk Ornaments

Affordable Ways to Personalize Your Workspace

Buying a desk ornament isn’t that hard. The real deal starts when you must maintain and keep that table ornament clean. Keep reminding yourself that a dirty table ornament won’t serve the purpose. You purchased it to motivate yourself and give the room a clean and tidy look. However Affordable Ways to Personalize Your Workspace, with a dirty desk ornament, this seems pretty much impossible.

1-     Daily Cleaning

If your ornaments require cleaning, use a gentle, non-abrasive cleaner and avoid using harsh chemicals or solvents.  You can also use a soft, clean cloth or brush to clean the dust regularly from the ornament.  Moreover, it is also recommended to try washing the ornament if there isn’t much problem with water usage.

2-     Safe Storage

When not in use, store your ornaments in a safe and secure place, away from potential hazards or accidental damage.  However, never make the mistake of storing the ornament in front of direct sunlight. This damages the ornament’s colors, and in severe cases, it might even fade the whole color scheme, so it is best to keep the ornament out of the sunlight’s reach. If you face a problem doing it, just keep the ornament under UV-resistant glass.

Moreover, consider rotating your table ornaments periodically to protect the ornament from UV damage.

3-     Keep away from Moisture.

Though it might sound funny, even moisture can cause discoloration to some table ornaments. This is mainly because of humidity that mixes with the colors of the item and later causes the color to fade. This is why we also try to protect it from air conditioners or water spills.

Final Words

Now that you know everything about the cool desk ornament and where to buy it, here are some final words of wisdom. Many kinds of ornaments are available, but buying the one that suits your needs is always recommended.

But hey!

Don’t get too carried away with your needs that you forget the budget. Just buy a decent ornament and place it in your office or even the living room.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular types of desk ornaments? 

A: There are countless types of ornaments available, and the options are limited only by the owner’s preferences and imagination. 

Some popular types of table ornaments include miniature sculptures, figurines of animals, and plants, framed photographs or artwork; motivational quotes or affirmations; stress balls, or other tactile objects like fidget spinners or miniature Zen gardens.

Q: Where can I find table ornaments? 

A: Table ornaments can be found in various places, including gift shops, home decor stores, online retailers, and even thrift shops or garage sales. 

Many people also choose to make their own ornaments using craft supplies or other materials. When shopping for ornaments, it’s important to consider the item’s size, style, and material to ensure it fits with the owner’s preferences and existing decor.

Q: How can I use ornaments effectively? 

A: To use table ornaments effectively, choosing items that hold personal significance or meaning for the owner is important. The ornaments should also complement the overall style and theme of the workspace. 

You can also use them to create a sense of visual interest and serve as reminders of important goals or values. It’s also important to avoid cluttering the workspace with too many ornaments, which can be distracting or overwhelming. A few well-chosen items can go a long way in enhancing the atmosphere of a workspace.