How to Reset a Samsung Washing Machine? 5 Easy Steps

It’s common practice for people that if their washing machines aren’t working properly, the only solution that comes to their mind is to reset them. Sometimes minor glitches or issues in the machine can be solved through a simple restart. If you have a Samsung machine and it doesn’t work properly and you want to know how to reset a Samsung washing machine without damaging any feature then this article is for you. In this article, we are going to discuss how to reset a Samsung washing machine and also going to mention some troubleshooting and error codes, just keep reading. 

How to Reset a Samsung Washing Machine in Simple Steps 

There isn’t a special procedure to reset a Samsung washing, instead, you can follow the below-mentioned simple steps for a reset:

1-First Power off the machine by pressing the power button or unplugging it from the socket.

2-In the second step wait for at least five minutes to allow the machine to fully reset internally. 

3-In the third step turn on the machine through a power button or by plugging in the socket. 

4- After turning on the machine, select a wash cycle program by turning the control dial or pressing the appropriate buttons which are on the control panel. select the desired settings for the wash cycle, which includes temperature, spin speed, and any additional options. 

5-In the final step start the machine on the selected cycle, it will perform normally.

Reasons for Resetting a Samsung Washing Machine

There are several reasons for resetting a Samsung washing machine, we are going to mention some possible scenarios where a reset might be necessary ;

1-If your machine is showing some error codes while using then a simple reset can solve this problem. 

2-If your machine gets stuck or becomes unresponsive when you start it then resetting the washing machine can restore the normal function of the control panel. This normally occurs due to glitches in software or due to low voltage. 

3-While washing if you accidentally selected the wrong wash cycle or program, resetting the machine will allow you to start over and choose the correct settings. This was helpful if the machine is already started on the wrong program and you want to change it. 

5-Sometimes due electrical issues like low and high voltage can cause glitches or errors in the machine, in this scenario, you simply reset the machine to use it. 

6-Sometimes resetting is recommended by the manufacturer or written in the user manual as an initial step before using it if you just bought it. 

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Samsung Washing machine and their Solutions 

If you are experiencing some troubleshooting  issues while using the machine, and dont know the solution then this section is all about it ; 

Problem 1 

 During the cycle, the washer pump keeps pushing the water outside and interrupting the whole cycle. 


 if this happens, check if you do it in smaller portions of clothes. If it does happen in a smaller portion then this problem can be fixed by putting selecting several clothes in one spin cycle because most of the washers in new Samsung machines have built-in protector which detects the overload on the machine. 

If your machine is built to handle a larger cycle of clothes with balanced water and it’s still pumping out the water then you need to consult the customer support of the company or experienced technician. 

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Problem 2

Experiencing bleach supporting on your clothes due to previous bleach which was added by you to disinfect the washer and clothes. 


  • Dont overfill the dispenser with bleach, always measure the quantity in the bleach cup, and dont exceed the MAXLINE tag.
  • Check the washer level in the machine, if the level is not accurate it may disperse the bleach at the wrong time and the dispenser will not be empty completely at the end of the cycle and stains will appear on the new batch of the clothes. 
  • Please remove the bleach dispenser and wash it well and then rinse it with a towel so the bleach drips don’t stain the new clothes in the next cycle. 

Problem 3 

 The electrical circuit in the home is tripping whenever you turn on the machine. 


This issue arose in 2007 and it can cause a short circuit and or ignite the circuit board. This can happen due to various reasons including leakage of water and getting into the circuit wire of the machine. we would advise you to call customer support and stop using the machine until it’s fully repaired. 

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Problem 4

The washer keeps turning off during the spin cycle


For that problem, you should check the following things 

  •  If the laundry load is balanced and not overloaded. 
  • Make sure that the power cord is properly plugged into a  power outlet. also, check if there is any interruption in power issues in your home that may be causing the machine to turn off.
  • Check and carefully drain the pump filter, which is fitted at the front or bottom of your washing machine, and remove waste or blockages. A clogged filter can also disturb the spinning process and cause the machine to turn off again and again.

Problem 5

The Samsung washer isn’t starting even thou the display is showing the start signal. 


If the machine is plugged in properly and the display is working properly, then clean the door latch of the washing machine with a little bit of rubbing alcohol. This will make the door contact properly. If this method doesn’t help and you dont know how to reset a Samsung washing machine then read the user manual guidelines.


Errors occurring in the washing machine are common, if the above-mentioned troubleshooting process doesn’t help and you dont know how to reset a Samsung washing machine then it would be wise for you to contact the customer support of Samsung. also, check the warranty card of the machine if the warranty is still valid then you can contact the vendor for help.

We hope that this guide helped you in understanding the resetting process and the troubleshooting causes of the washing machine. Please comment down any other troubleshooting issues you are facing while using the Samsung washing machine. 


Where is the reset button on a Samsung washing machine?

Samsung washing machines usually dont have any reset button on them, for that you have to unplug it from the power socket and wait for a few minutes and then plug it back in.

What happens when you reset a washing machine?

Resetting a washing machine removes all minor errors and glitches in the system, the control panel restarts refreshingly after a simple reset.

What to do if Samsung’s automatic washing machine is not working?

You can attempt a few troubleshooting techniques if your Samsung automatic washing machine isn’t working. Examine the water supply, clean the filters, check the power connection, and refer to the user handbook for detailed troubleshooting instructions. Contacting Samsung customer service or a qualified technician might be required if the problem continues.