Killing Moles with Marshmallows–A Pocket Guide

Now that winters are almost about to get over, as a homeowner, you would love to see a beautiful lawn. Waking up in the morning and breathing in a freshly mowed lawn can be a great start to the day. However, what if we tell you that there are chances the beautiful garden won’t stay like that if you don’t take pest control measures? It may sound confusing and impossible, but you can save your lawn, fields, and yawns from the chambers of moles. Yes, we’re talking about killing moles with marshmallows.

Nothing is more disheartening than discovering those small subterranean creatures, moles, ruining your lawn, fields, or yard. During February and May, the suitable time for seeding, moles tend to breed- so you will witness lots of havoc during this period. As with any problem, there is always a solution, and this issue is no exception; it can get resolved. You can free your space by killing moles with marshmallows. This article will explain the quick and easy method for killing moles—marshmallows!

Comparing Homemade and Industrial Marshmallows in Killing Moles

While moles don’t target vegetables and crops, their primary objective is to locate and consume snails, earthworms, tiny snakes, and other insects. Unfortunately, due to their poor eyesight, their activities often result in harming the plant roots. That can lead to dead or dying grass, uneven terrain, and mounds of soil on the surface, all of which make the lawn unsightly and difficult to manage.

It is necessary to take action as quickly as possible to prevent any further damage because the existence of moles can attract other wildlife animals, such as foxes and snakes.

We know some people prefer homemade marshmallows, but before you use them for killing moles, let’s take a look at the difference between homemade vs. manufactured marshmallows.

  • Homemade Marshmallows

Marshmallows don’t take much time, are easy to make, and taste better when made freshly at home. Marshmallows made at home can be a way to kill marshmallows, but they don’t have the extra ingredients that death of moles.

  • Industrial Marshmallows

Compared to homemade marshmallows, manufactured ones have extra ingredients to kill moles. In short, the main differences between the two lie in their ingredients.

Ingredients of Marshmallows

While the main ingredients needed for homemade marshmallows include egg whites, gelatin, corn syrup, and sugar, that is not the case with manufactured marshmallows.

In producing commercial marshmallows, the primary ingredients are utilized along with tetrasodium pyrophosphate, gum arabic, and carrageenan, which are added to create the marshmallow’s texture and structure. It is suggested to use industrial marshmallows to kill moles.

How Do Marshmallows Kill Moles?

Now that you know the difference between homemade and commercial marshmallows, the one question that comes to mind is; how can marshmallows kill moles?

As previously mentioned, industrial marshmallows contain additional additives in addition to the primary ingredients. Carrageenan, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, and gum arabic are the specific ingredients that facilitate the elimination of moles.

Although there is no scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of these elements, an examination of their properties suggests that they may be capable of eradicating moles. For example,

  • The presence of artificial flavoring and other substances in store-bought marshmallows can potentially result in the death of moles.
  • Many sources suggest that tetrasodium pyrophosphate, a white, crystalline powder, activates with clay, soil, and dirt. Therefore, if a mole encounters a marshmallow while searching for prey underground, the interaction between tetrasodium pyrophosphate in the marshmallow and the surrounding soil will create a poisonousness gas in the mole hole that could potentially lead to the mole’s demise.
  • Carrageenan is another ingredient in store-bought marshmallows, which has been linked to potential health risks, such as cancer, bloating, inflammation, and food allergies. Therefore, when moles consume marshmallows containing carrageenan, it can slow down their digestive system, eventually leading to death.

To effectively eliminate moles using marshmallows, it is recommended to purchase commercially-made marshmallows instead of making them at home. That is because store-bought marshmallows contain ingredients that can slow down the digestive system of the moles, making it difficult for them to pass through their bodies. As a result, the moles may experience bloating, which could ultimately kill them as they can not survive under these conditions.

How to Use Marshmallows to Kill Moles

Killing moles with marshmallows is a simple process. Here are some steps to follow.

  1. It is advisable to clean up any damage the moles have caused to your garden before attempting to use marshmallows to eliminate moles. That will not only make it easier for you to locate the mole holes, but it will also help your garden, field, or lawn to recover and regain its vitality.
  2. For the moles to locate and eat marshmallows, you must ensure that their diet is nowhere near their sight, meaning if you see bugs, snails, or any other insect kill them. If you’re using this method to kill moles in your yard, then ensure along with insects, grubs that live in the ground also get eliminated.
  3. After that, look around for how many mole holes there are. Additionally, be absolutely sure there aren’t any dangers around them, such as electrical wires or pipes.
  4. Start putting marshmallows in each hole. You don’t have to wrap them in something or mix them with anything; drop them in the mole holes, and check that they are deep enough that birds and other animals cannot reach them. However, one marshmallow won’t be enough, so place three to five marshmallows in each hole.
  5. Place marshmallows on every entrance or exit hole you may find.
  6. Keep repeating the process until your place is free from moles!

Benefits of Moles Killing with Marshmallows

  • Marshmallows are a safe way to kill moles.
  • Marshmallows can be a great way to kill moles without buying costly traps or chemical pesticides that could be harmful. You can easily find a bag of marshmallows at stores near you on a budget.
  • Toxic substances are not used in the process, making it an eco-friendly approach with no potential environmental harm.
  • When using this method, you do not need to use any complicated equipment.

Cons of Killing Moles with Marshmallows

With the advantages of using marshmallows to kill moles, disadvantages come free.


  • When using this technique, a lot of patience is required, which may be a little challenging to have for some people. We know everyone wants the quick result to keep their lawns and crops safe, but it is possible that you won’t even see dead moles. However, if you notice a decrease in mole activity and fewer mole holes in your yard, that is a sign that the strategy is working.

Hard-to-Measure Results

  • Noticing fewer holes does out mean they are dying because of the marshmallow. It can also mean that they may have found another place to live.

Day-to-day Supervision

  • To eliminate moles using marshmallows, you will need to repeat the process of placing marshmallows in new mole holes. Simply putting the marshmallows once is not sufficient. It is vital to check the spots daily to ensure that no marshmallows are missing and to add more as needed. The most challenging part of the process is finding new mole holes every day and repeating the process.

You Have to Do It with Other Methods

  • While marshmallows can be an effective and affordable way to finish off a few moles, they may not be enough if you deal with a school of infestation. It’s also important to note that marshmallows are a passive method of mole control, meaning that you’re not directly targeting the moles, but it is a bait that they may consume. So, if you have a significant mole problem, it’s best to consult a pest control expert who can help you identify the most effective and safe methods for controlling the infestation.

What Are The Other Ways to Kill Moles?

There are many other methods to kill moles. Here are some alternatives:

  • You can use mole traps with or without marshmallows to kill moles. When the moles eat the marshmallows, they’ll go a little frantic and can get trapped in the tangle while finding a way out.
  • A call to pest control services can do the trick. These experts have access to advanced technologies and techniques that eliminate moles from your lawn, fields, or yard. With their help, you can quickly restore the health of your vegetation and enjoy a beautiful, thriving outdoor space once again.
  • To naturally get rid of moles, other remedies can be used in addition to marshmallows. Some of these include the use of fruity-flavored bubblegums or castor oil. Additionally, they use coffee beans that mole find repulsive due to their strong scent.

These techniques, when combined with the marshmallow approach, can assist in totally getting rid of moles from your lawn or garden.


You need not be overly concerned about moles ruining something that you have dedicated months of hard work and effort to create. Killing moles with marshmallows is a possible way to kill moles, and if you think it isn’t working, the alternatives are available for you to try.


Do moles attack/bite?

While you’re attempting to kill them, there’s a chance that they could bite you out of fear. Thus, it is advisable to stay away from them and to dress in a long dress, leather boots, and latex gloves.

Do moles eat plants?

No, moles don’t eat plants or crops. Their diet includes snails, grubs, earthworms, etc.

Is it okay to use homemade marshmallows?

Homemade marshmallows lack the ingredients that are the main killing point of moles. Hence, manufactured marshmallows are a better option.

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