Shower Standing Handle – Everything You Need to Know

Modernization has enabled us to create certain facilities for us to make our life easier. Back in time, everything only served the basic needs of humans but nowadays, the hurdles they faced are being resorted to. Similarly, when we customize our house according to our desires, we try to put all the essential things in an elegant way that would only fulfill our demands but would also add aesthetics to our homes. Besides our bedroom, the bathroom is such a place where a person finds himself alone, detoxifies his body, and refreshes himself in a comfortable bathtub. No matter what, it is human nature to desire to have a clean and comfortable bathroom in their homes with all the essential tools. As the other elements that count as an important part of a bathroom, the shower standing handle is one such thing that makes it easier for most people to manage while being in the washroom. This not only helps them in many ways but also saves time. In this article, we would dig deep into all the necessary things that are concerned with shower standing handles to make things clear for you and help you get the finest shower standing handle for your bathroom.

What is a Shower Standing Handle?

Shower Standing Handle

A shower standing handle comes up with multiple synonyms, as you can call it a standing bar, a holding handle, a grab bar, or an anti-slip suction handle. It is basically a tool to install in bathrooms that enable users to have a solid and sturdy place to hold on to at the time they are moving or trying to stand up. It gives physical support to the users. The goal of these bars is to make it easy for the people who are either physically not fit to use the bathroom on their own or need assistance with their movements. Basically, there has been a belief among people that these shower standing handles are only designed and installed to assist handicapped or elderly people. But this is completely wrong! For the purpose of safety, we need to stand and include things in our lives that can improve our lifestyles. It should be a mandatory tool for bathrooms. In this article, more elaboration on the advantages of using a shower standing handle is given so that one can make up their mind about how important they can be.

Why Do You Need a Shower Standing Handle?

The foremost point of installing a shower standing handle is “Your safety”. This helps you pull yourself from the bathtub by gripping it tight. Sometimes, it becomes harder to move in a slippery bathroom if a person is facing any physical issues. These handles can be fixed at multiple places in your bathroom, depending on who is using them and where they need support.

Besides not only does it give you physical support but also gives a sense of an accomplished washroom that everyone can go and use with ease. Along with that, some of the shower handles are designed in such a way that is easily detachable and can be replaced, depending on the frequency of usage. And also, every handle has a different holding capacity. The proceeding article would elaborate more on the different advantages of shower standing handles and ultimately would make sense for you to pick the best for your bathroom.

Potential Advantages of Installing a Shower Handle Stand

Shower Standing Handle

Here comes the most interesting part which you would definitely be inclined to read. Below are the potential advantages of using a shower standing handle or bar.

1.      Physical Support

So far, if you are reading about the shower standing handle, you already know the core purpose of its installation is physical support! There are certain situations a person faces while in a bathroom. As you can’t call anyone before the occurrence of any emergency fallout due to a slippery wet surface, it becomes important to arrange precautionary measures to avoid certain risks of falling. While you enjoy a soothing bath in your bathtub, if while getting up you slip, all your enjoyment goes in vain! But if you have a support system, you easily and confidently get up by grabbing the bar and dressing yourself up.

2.      Helps you Bathe Your Toddler or Pet

While bathing your toddler or pet, many situations fall where it becomes hard to control. And because you will have a bar, you can grip your hands on the handle in any such situation which might be risky.

3.      Supports You When Injured

As mentioned earlier, a shower handlebar is not only aimed at any specific group of people, rather it is for everyone. With any severe injury where your legs are unable to function properly or your back is hurt. You are not able to function with such discrepancies. A handling bar would help you give physical strength to make certain movements.

4.      Provides a Support System for Arthritis or Other Similar Health Issues

Health conditions like Arthritis make bones weak and so does your body. Normal active functioning becomes slow and difficult. Unfortunately, these health conditions are very common these days. In this scenario, it is highly suggested to people to install a shower standing grab bar. It is not only an accessory tool that can be skipped, but it is of high importance as it promises your physical safety.

5.      Mandatory in Old Age Weakness

Yet another common fact! When elderly people use a stick for providing them with physical support while they walk, how would they deal with their bathrooms? It is clear that old people need this tool as they can not afford any injury. Annually there is a great number of physical injuries just due to bathroom falls. It is the best option one can provide in their bathrooms. Old people are physically more vulnerable; hence they need additional support in every aspect. This is one among them.

6.      Accomplishes Your Bathroom

Although the other benefits are much too important to consider, furnishing your bathroom is yet another point to think about. When you design the interior of your house, the bathroom gives an equal impact of elegance if you happen to provide every essential thing in it. It adds extra value to your bathroom and helps you accomplish it!

Who Needs to Install Shower Standing Handles in Their Bathrooms?

Shower Standing Handle
Asian senior or elderly old lady woman patient use toilet bathroom handle security in nursing hospital ward, healthy strong medical concept.

Physically weak and elderly people who are prone to losing their strength and falling on the floor are highly recommended to use shower standing handles. Because the shower handles are most often installed on both sides of a bathtub, it makes it easier for a person to hold it and balance her body. Basically, it assures your and your family’s safety. For people with bone deformities, weak muscles, injury, or any other medical condition, fear of falling, and old age – this handle can make their life easier and better.

According to the Centers for disease control (CDC), about 81% of injuries annually reported were due to bathroom falls, among which occurred mostly in elderly people.

Also, any person who quickly takes shower and is rushing out of a bathtub can also become a victim of a falling incident due to a slippery floor. The presence of a shower standing handle can decrease the rate of such occurring.

However, to prevent any such situation, one can precautionarily keep the bathroom space safe where there is a risk of falling and getting severe injuries.  The shower standing handle is one such tool for the purpose. Additionally, to keep it safer, one can also use mats to dry up the wet feet and also install grab railings to avoid any dangerous risks.

Additionally, not only your home bathroom requires shower standing handles but they are way too important in other settings as well. For instance: Public toilets, hospitals, hotels, and other private residencies are also required to ensure safety by the means of shower handle grab bars.

How to Choose the Best Shower Standing Handle?

Shower Standing Handle

While you have decided to add a shower handle bar in your bathroom, it is crucially important to know how you get to have the perfect piece. Here are some important guidelines that can help you choose the best for you. Read about things you must consider.

1.      Material

As far as durability is concerned, material plays a huge role. These days, many materials have emerged in the market with promising durability. No doubt, stainless steel has always served the purpose and has been a renowned material for such purposes. However, these days vinyl and plastic models have also been seen to take attention by the users. Not only durability is to question, but also your material should be easy to clean. It depends from brand to brand on what specifics they add to their product for example; any specialized coating to help sustain the material and keep them from microbial colonization. These types of handles are easily cleaned.

The second most important thing is how you feel about the material. As the handle is purposed to hold, if it isn’t suitable for your skin or your skin is allergic to it, you can skip it. Because, the handlebar is intended for prolonged usage, and if the material is not favorable, it can cause you trouble rather than making things easy for you.

Moreover, for a stronger grip, handles are purposefully rubbered to fix your plum strongly. And also, these rubbers help maintain the temperature if you are bathing in a hot tub. Else, steel alone will acquire the hot temperature.

2.      Weight Holding Capacity

Although, the size, design, and weight holding capacity or strength differ greatly in the grab bars an ideally considered strength is about 250 lbs. A shower holding stand should at least be able to hold 250 lbs. This also clears the point that permanently attached or fixed handlebars are stronger than the ones that can be detached.

3.      Specific need-based designs

Interestingly, it is great to know that these holding handles are also designed to fulfill needs in particular. Any brand that you are inclined to buy your shower handle bar can further guide you on what they already have ready for you or you need to customize the handle type.

4.      Size

In this regard, you need to understand how spacious your bathroom is. If it is wide enough and you have enough space for a long bar, you may grab one. But in case, if it is small-walled, then try to look for shorter handles. The shower stands grab bar having a length between 18 inches to 24 inches and 1.5 inches in diameter is considered the ideal size.

5.      Installation Methods

Here comes your feasibility! If you are more likely to fix homely things on your own, you might consider the installation method of the product you intend to buy. Sometimes the item requires a little more effort to get attached to the wall and sometimes it is way too simple. So, it depends on the model. If you have been frequently doing such kind of stuff, you’ll have a better understanding of what tools are required. Or else, you can get professional help for better results.

Basically, the available methods include screw-in, wall mount, suction cup, and adhesive. If you are heading for temporary options, then you’ll find suction cups at cheap rates. If you are more likely to get a permanent solution, you must look for wall mounts and screw-in models.

Different Types of Shower Handles

These grabbing devices are in the form of a bar or handle and are mainly aimed for a person to hold it tightly while getting up from the bathtub or toilet seat. So, when you decide to buy one for your bathroom, you need to know that they come in two forms; Fixed and Detachable. Here are how both these types differ.

1.      Fixed

If you want to install shower handle that stands permanently to one point, a fixed type is best for you as it is attached to the walls by strong adhesives or screws and comes usually in stainless steel. It is also available in other materials that are strong enough to hold the pressure. While choosing this option for yourself, you should keep in mind one down set of this option. It is that, while it is a permanent solution, you are supposed to be extra careful before you have decided the point of installation. Sometimes it occurs that the installed shower handle is not reachable to some people, and now because it has already been hit in the wall, you can’t re-fix its position! So, to avoid such happening, you should have to be extra concerned about its permanent position. Or else, you can install more than one handle to make sure you have enough of them for being on the safe side. Besides, any mistake in drilling the holes or aiming to re-fixing them to any other location can also cost you some sort of inconvenience and expense.

2.      Detachable

Contrary to fixed ones, we have yet another option of portable handles. These handles are easily removed and can be relocated on walls through suction. They are mostly produced with plastic and show the best attachments on linear surfaces that are flat and contain no porous or rough texture. They are good if used on glass, ceramic (tiles), and acrylics. Their effectiveness depends on how the surface is. If the meant surface is rough or irregular, then chances are, the handle will be less effectively attached to the surface.

Besides, due to their portability, they can easily be switched from one place to another. The plus point is that you can carry them along with you anywhere you are traveling. They don’t require any cumbersome effort for repairs or fixes. However, because these handles are detachable, hence they have limited capacity to hold the weight. In case you are relying on these removable shower handles then you should get your item specially designed to hold full body weight. Once and for all, this bathroom tool is very important for many conditions, so before having your hand on anyone randomly, fine research is way too important.

Different Designs of Shower Standing Handle to Consider

Shower Standing Handle

These grab bars are only limited to their simple basic shape but they also come in various styles. If you are the kind of a person to choose the best for your home, you would definitely be interested to look for elegant styles in shower standing handles. Have a quick read on some styles that are recently gaining fame over time.

1.      L-Shaped Grab Bar

Along with their modern style, these L-shaped grab bars are way too convenient to use and help people remain confident during making any movements. In residential settings, they are installed in bathrooms against shower walls or a bathtub in any position; horizontal or vertical. Apart from that, these kinds of bars also serve a purpose outside the bathroom. They are also seen in public places like hospitals or schools to assure safety. One can find variety in such bars; differing in size and thickness.

2.      U-Shaped Grab Bars

Basically, the bars with different shapes have emerged to present a variety of them to the users for the sake of style. But because some grab bars serve a specific purpose, hence people use them on recommendation. The U-shaped grab bars come up with additional steel in between the loop that serves for holding the toilet paper. This kind of bar is great for helping lift your body from the toilet seat.

Additionally, most often this kind of grab bar is slightly beyond bathroom usage. The U-shaped grab bar is mostly seen in public places where there is high traffic. Using them in homes helps create custom space in certain areas.

3.      Semi-Circle

Another shape of a holding bar. These fixtures add a boost to the decoration of your bathroom. The semi-circle grab holder also came with a toilet paper holder.

4.      Contemporary Grab Bars

They are basic and most used grab bars. They vary in length and differ in material. They are the most common type being used. This design is easy to install and safe to handle. The most used material in such bars is stainless steel.

5.      Curved Bars

Some people might find it easy to use a curved bar instead of a straightened bar. Due to its curvy shape, the width varies, making it flexible for the user to hold it.

6.      Wave Bars

Adding your basic contemporary bar, a taste of style, it is designed slightly differently. A wave bar gives an elegant look from the very first sight, making your bathroom look amazingly stylish.

7.      Bars With Shelf

These bars are slightly different from those above mentioned. Some brands sell these kinds of bars that have a shelf attached to it that makes them function for dual purposes. The bar serves to grip and, on the shelf, you can place your shampoo bottles or soaps. Sometimes these fancy bars are way too helpful.

Does the Size of a Shower Handle Matter?

Of course, it does! That’s the most important thing to consider. There are multiple things you should look for while selecting the right handle for you. Make sure what material your bathroom walls are made of and what is the suitable item that can complement your bathroom walls. Notice the points where you aim to fix them possibly. And ask yourself if these positions will be easy to grab the handle from your bathtub, or will it block the shower head or bathroom door? What size approximately your bathroom is? The size of your bathroom and the point to fit the shower stand handle are the keys to deciding what size handle or bar you can install in your bathroom. This would not only narrow down your selection possibilities but also would help you take the right sized handle.

Where Can You Buy Shower Standing Handles?

There are multiple settings where you can buy these handles. They can also be purchased from some hospitals, there are multiple retailers on the internet, medical supply business, and also in-home furniture stores.

The point is whether or not these places serve you what you want. Maybe they have limited stock and you don’t get what you are looking for. So, market search is important, and also you should be sure about your requirements.

How Much do Shower Handles Cost?

Their material, size, and other features decide their cost. Normally the rate is between 10 to 70 USDs, whereby you can get a good one for about 25 USD. While surfing on the internet, look for online retailers and compare the rates of the same product. Also, never ignore the reviews on products sold by online retailers. In case you have acquaintances, who have recently bought any such product, visit them to get an idea.

Top Shower Standing Handles

So far we have gone through different styles of shower standing handlebars or safety bars, here are some recommendations based on what you are looking for actually. Although the recommended products below appear to be more useful for the described purposes, you might not be able to find them but at least you will get the idea and find one of a similar type to any other brand. Remember, there is a huge recommendable variety of shower standing handles but only a few are described below.

1.      Best for the elderly people

Texinpress shower standing handles are great for the old aged people. These holding handles are plastic made, and the plastic used is of high quality. Besides, it is detachable and very easy to install and remove. They serve the best purpose when you are prone to falling and need a handle to support you. It comes up with a couple of locking buckles that make it safer and more secure to use. Best for the special needs people. Must know that It doesn’t attach to rough surfaces.

2.      Solution for all

AmeriLuck Suction Shower Grab bar is the strongest solution for all kinds of people. These bars come up with indicators too and can be fixed easily on a smooth surface. They are waterproof and strong enough to ensure stability. Plus, they are sturdy and durable.

3.      Multi-purpose Pole Bar

Stander Security Bar – Pole and Curved. As its name suggests, it is a secure pole with a curved bar attached to it. A versatile grab bar that can hold about 300 pounds of weight. Interestingly, the curved bar rotates as well. The rubber attached pole is attached to the ceilings of your bathroom. The rubber helps keep the ceiling secure from any damage – which counts as a strong feature for a grab bar. All the tools required to install are included with the item.

4.      With the Extra grip

Diwangus stainless steel chrome – a shower grab bar that provides extra grip, which is best for people who are having trouble holding the bar. This bar is permanently attached through screw-mounting. This strong bar can hold up to 500 pounds of weight.

How to Install Shower Standing Handles?

Shower Standing Handle

Generally, before installation, one must consider how many people are going to use the bathroom and should keep an idea about their height on average. Ideally, the standard height where the shower standing handle should be installed is between 33” and 36” which accounts for 84 to 91 cm from the base. This works well with short-height people. If the users are taller, then 43 inches or above works great.

Here are some techniques that you can use while installing any type of shower handle.

1.      Installation of Suction Cup Grab Bar

While you don’t need any such extra tool for the installation of the suction cup bar, follow some basic steps to make yourself clear about it.

  • First, it is required to look through the grab bar’s condition. Which refers to checking whether its rubber is in good shape or not.
  • You need to check the clips. The two clips in a downward position are supposed to release and be directed upward before their attachment to the surface.
  • Suction bars also have indicator tabs; red and green. When not attached to any surface, it’s red. Right after the attachment, it turns green.
  • Before attaching the bar, make sure your aimed surface is smooth. It doesn’t fix properly onto a surface with roughness. So, it is mandatory to have your wall tile very smooth.
  • Although this kind of grab bar is easy and simple to install, it needs your strength to fix it completely. It takes a lot of effort while you press the bar against the wall.
  • Try to double-check if the bar is properly fixed by putting some pressure on it intentionally.

2.      Installation of Mounting Grab Bars Using Studs

If you have studs, follow these steps.

  • Measure the height of the wall, stick the painter tape on that position, and mark on it where you want to install the grab bar.
  • Use a stud finder, and trace the points with a marker where wall studs will be fixed.
  • Drill the pilot holes where you have traced. Also, read the recommendations given by the manufacturer.
  • If you have been given mounting screws along with the bar, drive them, else you may also use 2.5 inches pan head screws.
  • Place the grab bar and fix the crews tight. Try to put some pressure on the grab bar to check its strength.

3.      Installation of Mounting Grab Bars Using Anchors

  • As always, the first step is to find out the point of installation.
  • If you don’t want to install the handle on the wall but the tub edge, secure it there.
  • Drill a small hole in a marked position with a masonry bit of a cordless drill.
  • The final step is to place the bar and fix the screw.
  • Brand to brand the installation requirements vary. So, it is always recommended to put your eye on the guideline book before heading for the installation.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

To cut a long story short, shower standing handles are designed in the modern world to facilitate elderly people and those with needs. It has become a necessity in every home where people are concerned about safety. Along with a shower and a bathtub, shower standing handles are way too important to hold on to while moving from one point to another. This avoids any severe injury which may be caused if one falls out. It is simple, so useful, and highly recommended. One can also pick both types of holding bars as the permanent ones work best at home, while the detachable ones can be carried while traveling long distances. So, if you are trying to build your home with as many as possible safety-ensuring tools, shower standing handles are one such pick that you should miss anyway! Protect yourselves, your children, old aged folks, and people with health issues from being a victim of slippery incidents. Happy home décor!

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