What Does Soil Mean on Washing Machine?

With advancements in science and technology, new and improved washing machines have paved their way into the market. The latest feature of soil on washing machines has made laundry quite efficient. This setting allows you to remove dirt effectively from your clothes by operating the machine at an optimal level.

The additional features of the latest machines make life easier. They not only ensure a thorough and quick wash but also prolong the life of your clothes. These appliances have not only become smarter. But have also become a necessity in every household.

Read this blog till the end to find out what is soil on the washing machine.

What Does Soil on Washing Machine Mean

The level of the soil is a special feature present in the washing machine. It signifies how much dirt is present on the clothes that you intend to wash.

This may vary according to the brand and model of the machine you own. However, the result of this function is to help achieve optimal cleanliness for your laundry. It also ensures an appropriate cleaning of the garments by determining important factors before the wash. These include the total duration of wash, amount of detergent, and fabric softener that you need to use.

All these combined ensure a fresh and clean wash every time. It also makes sure that no extra energy, water, or detergent is being used when not needed.

Different Washer Soil Levels

Depending on the type and brand of machine, there may be different cycle options present to choose from.

Here are some of the most common ones.

Light Setting

As the name suggests, this configuration is particularly meant for washing light clothes. These include garments that are worn lightly. Clothes with no visible stains, patches, or marks should be washed in this setting.

It is a good idea to clean delicate and fragile pieces of clothing in a light mode. Examples of such clothes include undergarments, thin fabrics, frayed or tattered sweaters, etc. Such pieces of attire do not require heavy scrubbing. Therefore, a light wash is all that is needed to make them clean and fresh again. It shall also prevent wrinkles and ensure your garments last a long time. Money shall also be saved as the machine shall use less time and water to complete its cycle.

Normal Setting

Clothes that you wear on a day-to-day basis are best washed in the normal setting. Be it your child’s uniform, clothes that are worn at work, or a pair of jeans that can be tackled using this wash configuration.

These daily dresses do get dirty and may acquire a musky odor due to sweat. However, they do not accumulate hard dirt and grime between washes. Hence, washing them in the normal mode will yield the best results.

Heavy Setting

Many people remain confused about what’s heavy soil on washing machines. They often do not understand its meaning and hence, are clueless about when to use this option.

Well, this configuration is quite simple to understand and use. Clothing that requires a lot of strength and hard work to clean should be washed in a heavy mode. Materials that are not put into the laundry regularly are best cleansed through this feature. These include thick towels, bedsheets, curtains, sofa covers, etc. Running the machine on a heavy configuration will ensure a deep scrub that is required to achieve a clean and fresh result. It will also ensure the removal of the toughest stains. Additionally, it will eliminate any dirt, grime, and bad odor that may have accumulated during use.

Furthermore, washing microfiber pads on heavy soil on the washing machine is the best way to clean this product. It will get rid of the toughest stains and patches from your cleaning pad. This way, you can reuse it multiple times for cleaning around the house. It will not only help save money on buying additional cleaning appliances. But it shall even allow you to wipe surfaces seamlessly with minimal effort.

Delicate Setting

Apart from the three basic options mentioned above, some models may also have an additional feature. This is a delicate setting.

This is designed to wash the most delicate fabrics with utmost care and protection. By selecting this function, the washing machine adjusts the cleaning cycle to be gentler. The water temperature is also maintained accurately throughout the wash, ensuring a cool temperature. This helps to minimize any wear and tear on the clothes along with making sure their color does not fade away.

Delicate clothing includes lingerie, materials with lacework, garments made up of silk, etc. The rinse and spin cycles are also reduced. However, they are just enough to get the garments cleaned.

What Soil Level Should You Use?

The selection of this level should be done corresponding to the dirtiness of your clothes and the fabric type.

You should opt for a low mode when washing lightly worn or delicate items. For heavier fabrics such as jeans, jackets, or bedding, choose a medium to high soil level option. This shall again be decided based on the level of dirt these clothes have accumulated.

If you have heavily soiled items with visible dirt or stains, use a high soil-level configuration. This is especially important for items like dog beds or blankets with pet odors and stains.

Choosing the right mode for the wash shall ensure a thorough and optimum cleaning.

Advantages of Settings of Soil Level in Washing Machines

The feature of choosing the right dirt level for your laundry is a blessing in disguise. It has numerous benefits.

Some of these advantages are explained below.

Customized Washing

By choosing the right setting, you can customize the way you want the clothes to be washed. The wash cycle can be maintained to align with the dirtiness of your garments. Customizing ensures optimal cleaning for your laundry, improving overall cleanliness.

Saves Water and Energy

Selecting the appropriate mode helps to save water and energy. This is not only beneficial in terms of helping you save money on paying utility bills. But it is also a great way to conserve the environment.

Washing lightly-stained or delicate clothes on lower settings reduces the overall washing time. The cleaning, rinsing, spinning, and drying cycles get reduced. This makes the machine consume less electricity and water.

Protection of Fabric

Fabrics have unique needs for quality maintenance, including agitation and temperature. The setting allows you to choose a gentler cycle for more delicate items. This helps to reduce the overall risk to the clothing materials and protects them. Adjusting the soil level ensures proper care for delicate items. This extends their overall lifespan and makes clothes last a long time.

Adequate Cleaning and Stain Removal

The right configuration allows you to wash clothes to achieve the best possible results. Both washing and scrubbing are performed according to the fabric quality and the level of stains and dirt present. This makes sure that even the hardest stains are removed from your dirty clothes, giving them a fresh and clean feel.

Removal of Odor

Clothes that have accumulated dirt, debris, and grime can develop unpleasant odors. A heavy configuration can effectively get rid of the filth present on the clothes. This shall also help eliminate the odor. Your cleaned and washed laundry shall come out smelling fresh and wonderful.


This cleaning feature is quite versatile. It can cater to a large number of laundry needs. The adjustable soil level accommodates not only lightly soiled and delicate attire. But it can also clean heavily soiled work clothes just as easily. It empowers you to optimize the wash cycle for each load, resulting in optimal cleaning outcomes.

Saves Time

The time required for a complete wash depends on the configuration you choose. A light adjustment needs less time to finish its washing cycle. On the other hand, a heavy one requires more amount of time.

You can opt for a lighter mode when you are short of time. This shall help you get done with a load of laundry in less time. This can come in very handy in emergencies as well.

Overall, the feature to select the dirt level provides great flexibility, efficiency, and enhanced cleaning performance.


What is the Meaning of Soil in Laundry?

The soil in laundry means that you can customize the washing cycle of the machine based on the dirtiness of your garments. The configuration you choose shall vary depending on the type of fabric that is being washed. It will also be set based on the extent of dirt present on the clothes.

What is Heavy Soil on a Washing Machine?

Heavy soil on the washing machine is a unique cleaning mode or feature. It is used to wash thick and bulky materials. These include blankets, quilts, comforters, curtains, etc. They may also include clothes that get terribly dirty such as your children’s sports uniform, your toddler’s bibs, etc. The wash ensures that even the toughest stains can get eradicated by the end of the cycle.