What Is Run Of House Room?  A Detailed Guide 

When planning a trip, one of the most important decisions to make is selecting the right hotel room. Among the various options available, you might come across the term “run-of-house room.” In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the meaning what is run of house room, explore its types, offer tips to find the safest run of house room, and address frequently asked questions regarding this accommodation option.

What is Meant By Run of House Room? 

A run-of-house room, often abbreviated as ROH, refers to a type of hotel room assignment where guests do not have a specific room or room type assigned in advance. Instead, they are given any available room upon check-in. 

The term “run of house” signifies that the hotel reserves the right to allocate any room within its inventory, based on their operational needs and availability at the time of arrival.

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Types of Run of House Room

As we are explaining what is run of house room , it is important to discuss its different types which are: 

Standard Run of House Room

This type of run of house room typically includes the basic amenities offered by the hotel. It can vary in terms of size, view, and location within the hotel.

Upgraded Run of House Room

Some hotels offer an upgraded version of the run of house room, providing additional amenities or a better view compared to the standard option.

Run of House Suite

 In certain hotels, guests may have the chance to receive a suite as part of the run of house room assignment. This is a more luxurious option with spacious living areas and enhanced facilities.

Tips to Find the Safest Run of House Room

If you are new or even unaware of what is run of house room means , it is important to do a background search and follow some below-mentioned tips for better experience ;

Research the Hotel

 Before making a reservation, research the hotel’s reputation, read guest reviews, and check its safety and security measures. Choose a reputable hotel with a good track record.

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Communicate Your Preferences

While a run of house room does not guarantee specific room features, you can inform the hotel about your preferences during the booking process. For example, you may request a non-smoking room or a room on a higher floor for added safety.

Arrive Early

Arriving early increases the chances of getting a room of your liking since the hotel will have more options available. Early check-in allows you to have a wider selection of rooms to choose from.

Be Polite and Friendly

Treat the hotel staff with courtesy and respect. Engaging in friendly conversation may increase the likelihood of receiving a room that meets your preferences.

When are Run of House bookings generally used?

If you dont know what is run of house room and when they are being generally used.  let’s dig in deep and learn more about it. Run of House bookings are generally used in the following situations:

Group Bookings 

When a large group, such as a tour group or conference attendees, requires multiple hotel rooms, the organizer may opt for a run of house booking. This allows the hotel to assign rooms based on availability, accommodating the needs of the group while offering flexibility in room types.

Last-Minute Reservations:

In situations where travelers make last-minute reservations or walk-ins, hotels may offer a run of house room as it allows them to allocate available rooms without the need for specific room assignments. This can be beneficial for both the hotel and the guest, especially during peak travel periods when room availability may be limited.

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Lower Rates

Run-of-house bookings often come at a lower rate compared to specific room types. This makes them appealing to budget-conscious travelers who prioritize cost savings over having specific amenities or features in their room.

Flexible Travelers

Some travelers are open to different room types and are willing to embrace the element of surprise in their accommodation. For these individuals, a run of house booking provides a sense of adventure and allows them to experience various room types or locations within the hotel.

Hotel Operational Efficiency

By offering run of house rooms, hotels can maximize their room inventory and optimize their operations. It allows them to manage room allocations based on guest demand, ensuring efficient utilization of available resources.

It’s important to note that the availability and use of run of house bookings may vary depending on the hotel and its specific policies. It’s always recommended to check with the hotel directly or review their booking terms to understand their approach to run-of-house reservations.


A run of house room offers flexibility to hotels and can be an affordable option for travelers who prioritize cost over specific room features. It is essential to understand that the allocation of a run-of-house room depends on the hotel’s discretion and availability at the time of check-in. By following the tips mentioned above and having realistic expectations, you can enhance your chances of a satisfactory run of house room assignment.


Is a run of the house room guaranteed?

No, a run of the house room is not guaranteed. It is subject to availability at the time of check-in, and the hotel reserves the right to allocate any available room.

What is run of the house rate?

The run-of-the-house rate refers to the price charged for a run of house room. It is usually lower than the rates for specific room types since guests do not have a guarantee of particular amenities or features.

What does run of the house room mean at Treasure Island?

Run of the house room” at Treasure Island, or any other hotel, refers to the same concept explained earlier. It implies that guests will be assigned any available room upon check-in, without a guarantee of specific features or room type.