Why Does My House Smell Like Skunk

It happens sometimes when you walked into your home you smell a pungent odor just like the skunk smell, you are not alone in this. Every other home in the state has this problem of skunk smell in the house. It can be sometimes very unpleasant to experience this and wonder why my house smell like skunk. As this smell is usually related to outdoor spaces but smelling this in your home is something very uncommon to happen. 

There can be some reasons why there is a Skunk smell in the house, the reason may vary from real polecat encounters to gas leakage in your home. In this article, we will discuss some of the possible reasons for the skunk smells in your area and what are remedies to kick the skunk odor out of the house. 

4 Reasons why does my house smell like skunk?

1- If your residence is smelling like a skunk is a common issue in states. one possible reason can be that skunk has sprayed near your home and this pungent odor seeped into your house because some skunk spray contains chemicals that are sulfur bases and these sprayed skunks can have a very sour smell and can last for weeks. They are also not for the eyes so make sure to take proper precautions when you smell this specific kind of foul odor around your areas or especially in your living area.

2- Another reason for this stinky aroma can be gas leakage. Natural gas has some kind of sulfur odor which is added to make the natural gas. Due to sulfur-based chemicals in gas, it is easy to smell and detect gas leakage whenever it happens in your home. If you experience any gas leakage, try to evacuate your living area and call emergency services.

3- The third possible reason can be plumbing issues such as leakage or breakage of sewage pipes, and these pipes release stingy smells like gasses that contain sulfate and they smell the same as polecat spray. If you suspect any plumbing issue, it is important to call a professional plumber to fix this issue.

4- If you experience any skunk-like smell from specific areas of your home like the basement, bathroom, or under the sink in your kitchen. There is the possibility that mold and mildew grew in that areas that’s why your house smells like that.

 Mold and mild grew are extremely dangerous for health so it’s important to call professionals.

Is the Skunk Smell in House Dangerous?

Polecat odor in the home can be very unpleasant and it is typically not very dangerous to humans unless its foul aroma is very strong and last for days, which can be dangerous to some extent.

Sometimes this spray can cause severe eye irritation, nausea, and respiratory problems, but these effects are normally temporary and mild.

According to the AAPCC (American Association of Poison Control Centers) in 2020 only 99 cases were reported related to spray exposure, and there were serious injuries or deaths were reported. this report is showing that sprays are not that injurious to health but they can be very unpleasant due to their smell.

But severe foul kind of smells in your living space can be dangerous because skunks can cause damage to your home by leaving their urine and feces which can cause nausea. Also, they can transmit skin diseases like rabies and distemper which can be viral through touch or scratches from animals.

 How to Remove the Skunk Smell in the House?

This smell in your residence can be a major problem, leaving a stinky odor in the house which lasts for days. here are four effective methods to consider to clear out the air in your living space ;

  1. Open windows in your home and let the air fresh air flow through the halls and rooms in your home. It will somehow reduce the extent of this smell.
  1. If you are wondering How to get the skunk smell out of the house, use smell absorbers such as vinegar, baking soda, and activated charcoal. These substances can absorb this smell and nearly neutralize it, which makes the air fresh again to breathe.
  1. Wash all your clothes or any fabrics that you use like bedsheets and curtains, with white vinegar and baking soda to cut down this smell from the fabrics.
  1. Use steam cleaning to wash sofas and mattresses which cant be washed properly, so this steaming effect will work to remove the smell from your furniture.
  1. Leave a bowl of vinegar in every room of the house for 20 to 48 hours .this will surely help to kick the skunk smell out of the house.
  1. You can also use a mixture of 10% bleach with 90% of water to clean the hardwood floors and wooden furniture of your house.

If these DIY remedies don’t work you buy cleaning sprays from the market or you should contact the professionals.

What Causes a Skunk House Smell Only at Night?

There can be several reasons for that. Maybe a pet is sprayed by a skunk odor and it is roaming around in your living area. another reason can be gas leakage si its important to check the area properly before going to bed.


 Thai stingy kind of odor in your home can disruptive you your routine, as skunk spray near your home is a common cause but there are reasons which can cause this smell, which we have discussed in this article and also mentioned some easy tips to remove this odor from your house.

 Using these methods and DIY hacks can reduce the odor of your home, leaving it fresh and comfy.


Can a skunk spray inside my house?

 Yes, they can spray inside your house. They can enter your home through small openings in your garage or gardens.

How long does the skunk smell typically last?

Skunk smells last from 14 to 21 days normally, but it also depends on the extent of the odor.

Can I use household cleaning products to get rid of the skunk smell?

 Yes, you can baking soda, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide to remove this pungent odor from your house. You can simply wash your clothes and fabrics with soap and vinegar. 

Can a gas leak smell like a skunk?

Yes, a gas leakage smells like a polecat smell because it has sulfur components that mix with natural gas to create a pungent smell, which can be recognized easily.