Why you Should Invest in Recliners? A Complete Guide

Why you Should Invest in Recliners

The innovation of recliners changed the way people perceived the furniture industry. Earlier, no one could think that furniture could have technology incorporated into them until these were introduced to the world. Be it a recliner sofa or a recliner chair, this piece of furniture provided both style and comfort to people. Hence, making it one of the most beloved and wanted accessories.

Be it a house, an office, or even a hospital, you can find recliners everywhere you go. They not only enhance the look of any room they are placed in but are also very relaxing to sit on. A simple touch of a button is all it takes for a normal sofa to turn into a luxurious recliner whose backrest can be reclined while the footrest is brought up.

Nowadays, many different kinds and types of recliners are available in the market. However, before purchasing any, you must understand that what may suit others may not suit you. Go over this guide to learn all about recliners and determine which type matches best to your needs.

Before starting on a guide about recliners, let’s first understand what recliners are.

What are Recliners?

Why you Should Invest in Recliners : Recliners are like sofa chairs or armchairs with extra features of comfort and technology installed in them. These sets of furniture can be tilted towards the back to provide extra comfort and lumbar support to your spine.

Additionally, a footrest is also present which is usually concealed towards the lower portion of the chair and can be extended out with a touch of a button or by pulling a lever, depending on the recliner style.

Many new and different kinds of recliners have been introduced in the market that can perform different functions like reclining, rocking, providing a swivel motion, carrying out massages, and even a special feature that allows a person with a disability to get out of their chair easily.

Features of a Recliner

A recliner is no longer just a normal sofa or chair with just some extra features of reclining the backrest and pulling the footrest forward. Modern recliners have many different and unique features. Some of them are mentioned below: Why you Should Invest in Recliners


A rocker recliner, also known as a rocking recliner is one of the most common types. They can be enjoyed by any person who likes to rock a chair. But it is especially best for people who suffer from any kind of sleeping disorder or insomnia since the rocking motion can help make the person go to sleep easily. Hence, many people use such furniture to sleep on rather than sleeping on a plain bed. Why you Should Invest in Recliners

Another great use of such a recliner is by nursing mothers. The comfort and softness of the chair help the mothers feel relaxed while the rocking motion allows the baby to stay at ease.


The swivel recliner is more or less like a rocker recliner. Many new recliners now come with both rocker and swivel features in one. By having a swivel base installed in it, you can easily use your swivel recliner chair to pivot and face any direction that you want. This is because such recliners allow you to spin or rotate a complete 360 degrees.

Power Operated

If you do not like recliners with the traditional levers that are used to recline the chair, then a power-operated recliner is for you. Some recliners use batteries for power that can easily be replaced once they run out while some have cables that connect to the power sockets around the house. Such chairs are aesthetically and functionally pleasing. Why you Should Invest in Recliners You can recline the chair with a touch of a button without having to pull on any handles or levers.

Built-in Accessories

The more technologically-advanced recliners have gained a lot of popularity. They are not only comfortable but very practical to use. Such loungers have built-in USB outlets installed in the chair along with Bluetooth speakers, wireless charging stations, and even built-in LED lights. You can use this modern recliner chair to charge your smartphones and other devices, listen to music Why you Should Invest in Recliners, and can even provide lighting if you want to read a book or use it as a night lamp.


Lay-flat recliners work as both a sofa chair and even as a bed. These furniture pieces can recline back and form a makeshift bed. This is perfect for houses that do not have extra beds or rooms to accommodate any guests since such a recliner couch can be turned into a bed for sleeping.

Types of Recliners

Why you Should Invest in Recliners

With so many options to choose from, it is very common to feel overwhelmed while choosing the perfect recliner for you and your family. Go over the different kinds of recliners types available in the market and choose the one you think best suits your taste and style.

Lever Handle Recliners

When we talk about the all-time classic recliners, the lever-handle recliners make it to the top of the list. This is because they are one of the original recliner designs as well as one of the simplest. Such recliners have always been around in some places that you have visited in your life.

The lever-handle kinds have a handle on the side of the couch or chair. The handle is either made up of wood or plastic, depending on the style of recliner that you have. Once you pull on the lever, its reclining mechanism gets operational.

Some of these chairs have a single lever that once pulled, reclines the backrest towards the back and brings the footrest up and forwards to provide a comfortable, reclined position. While some recliners have separate levers on either side of the couch, that individually operate on the backrest and footrest.

These recliners are ideal for people who are either just starting with a recliner or need something that is both comfortable and affordable within their budget.

Pull Handle Recliner

People who want something like a basic recliner but with a little update go for a pull-handle recliner. In such recliners, the pull handle is found on their sides. Once you pull onto the handle, the footrest of the recliner would pop-out and elevate to the reclined position. This is faster than a lever-handle recliner. However, to lock it into place, you would be required to push the footrest with your feet. You can then recline the backrest by pushing your body into the seat.

Wall-hugger Recliner

Wall-hugger recliners are ideal to fit in small spaces or rooms as they take up less space compared to other kinds of such furniture. Some of these also have a rocking motion in them. While sitting in a wall-hugger lounger Why you Should Invest in Recliners, your back stays straight, thus, maintaining good posture and allowing you to easily get up from them when you have to.

A slide track mechanism is used to operate the wall-hugger recliners. This mechanism allows the seat and the footrest of the chair to recline without the need for extra space behind the chair or sofa. Hence, as the name suggests, you can place this recliner right next to your wall, with its backrest lying flat against it.

Many such recliners come with a size-adjusting option. This allows you to make the seat higher to accommodate tall people easily so that they do not have to face any leg pain or other problems.

Push-back Recliner

Just like the wall-hugger type, the push-back recliners also have a slide track mechanism. However, with such recliners, you cannot save any room behind the chair. Rather, these chairs allow you to get them into a reclined position as smoothly as possible.

If you want a recliner that blends well with other pieces of your furniture and normal couches or sofa sets, then a push-back recliner is meant for you. If the reclining function is not being used in such recliners, then they can easily blend well with the surroundings. They will simply look like a regular armchair or sofa and would not catch additional attention.

A major advantage of owning such a kind of furniture is that they are very versatile. You can style them as per your home’s aesthetic and it would not cost you a lot as well.

Glider Recliner

A glider recliner is somewhat like a rocking recliner chair. But instead of rocking back and forth, these recliners move sideways on a track, in a gliding motion. This provides the user with a very comfortable and smoother experience.

Such chairs work great in living rooms, daycares, or nurseries to provide comfort to mothers and their little ones.

A great feature that these recliners have is that once fully reclined, their rocking function stops. This prevents you from getting nauseous and feels like getting seasick. You can comfortably lie down in full comfort without any feelings of uneasiness.

Medical Recliners

One of the latest and most highly functional innovations is the medical recliner, also known as a power lift recliner. These sofas or chairs are meant for older people or people with different mobility issues. These pieces of furniture assist people to comfortably sit in them for long hours without having any pain or discomfort. They even help them to get out of their chair when they want to.

The power lift recliners have electric motors installed into them that enable the chair to get lifted from a seated position to a standing one with the help of a button. Hence, people with mobility problems can easily use these recliners without being dependent on others for support.

Massage Recliners

One of the best innovations in the recliner industry is the addition of a massager function built into the chair. These massage recliners need some source of power, either batteries or direct electricity to get the massager functioning.

With the press of a button, you can easily enable the massaging mode on your lounger. The vibrations produced in the recliner would then massage your back and feet, providing a very comforting and relaxing experience that would help release any joint and back pains you may be having.

Such recliners are very useful for people who have bone or joint pains since they can easily get a good massaging experience in the comfort of their homes.

What to Consider before Purchasing a Recliner?

Before deciding on purchasing a recliner, you must consider living space, materials and a few other things to prevent any problems in the future.

Living Space

The first thing to consider before you buy any recliner is the space you want to place the recliner in. Recliners take up a large amount of room wherever they are placed, especially if you get an oversized recliner chair. This is because, unlike a regular couch or chair, they almost take up double the amount of room once they are reclined. Hence, it is very important to first measure the spot you are thinking of placing this furniture at and then also measure it in the shop in its fully reclined state. Make sure the dimensions fit well according to your home and then only finalize the purchase. Why you Should Invest in Recliners

Another major thing people forget is the size of their home doors. Measure your doors and check whether the furniture will be able to enter and pass through your doors, corridors, and other spaces.

Make sure that the recliner does not fit completely into the spot you plan to place it in. Allow at least 5 to 10 inches both at the front and back of the recliner after it has been settled in your room to allow for any changes or movements. If you have less living space available, choose a small recliner for your home.


A great way to know whether the recliner you are going to buy will fit well with your existing room décor is by clicking pictures of your room along with the rest of the furniture placed in it. Show the pictures to the salesperson in the shop and ask for their advice. Try to visualize if the new piece of furniture will match well with your existing room theme and aesthetic like other pieces of furniture, blinds, curtains, wall paint, etc.


Recliners come in all different kinds of materials and fabric options. Be it a leather recliner or a faux leather recliner, you can choose from a large variety of options depending on your preference, style, and budget.

Soft fabric recliners are also preferred in hot temperature places. These soft materials include chenille, velvet, and microfiber. People with kids or pets can opt for materials that are dark, stain-resistant, waterproof, and easy to clean.

Recliners come in enormous options of colors to choose from. You can also customize your recliners based on your existing theme of the house and whatever you like. This way, you will be able to get a piece of furniture that matches best your personality.

Different Sizes

Just as it is with other pieces of furniture, the same goes for recliners; one size does not fit all. You can find recliners in various sizes, from petite recliner chairs to tall recliner chairs. This preference should be based on how tall you and your family members are and what you think would feel most comfortable.

Choose the Perfect Recliner for Your Home

After you have understood the different types and styles of recliners come in, the question remains about how you can choose the best one for you and your family.

The best way to find out the perfect recliner for you is by researching and trying out different recliners by visiting shops. This way you will find out what fits you the best and what kind of this furniture makes you feel most at home.

Try to explore and find out different answers to various questions. To make your exploration easier, a few points are explained below: Why you Should Invest in Recliners

Find the Perfect Fit

When you sit on a recliner sofa or chair, make sure that it does not feel artificial or uncomfortable. Your arms should be at a suitable height that feels natural and cushioned. You should be able to get to the lever or buttons present on the chair with ease. While being in the reclining position, make sure that your legs fit comfortably on their footrest and are not hanging out of the chair to a major degree. Why you Should Invest in Recliners, Notice how your head and neck feel on the headrest and ensure that it is not very hard or provides any inconvenience. Make sure your back stays straight and you are not sinking into the couch.

If all of these things feel comfortable, then that particular recliner is meant for you.

Ensure Good Quality

The recliner you buy must be of good quality since you would want it to last a long time. The materials used must be pure and of a strong quality. Make sure the foundation of the recliner is made with sturdy hardwood and rust-resistant steel base. If the leather has been used in the seats of the furniture, ensure that it is pure and of top-grain quality.

Be well aware of the internal cushioning and padding of the recliner and make sure that it is made up of foam of high-density to eliminate any sagging.

Any kind of built-in accessories, lever, handles, or buttons should feel smooth, strong, and sound-free while operating. Make sure that the reclining mechanism is also effortless and does not take a long time to complete its action.


A simpler recliner can cost you anywhere from $200 to $250 while they can go as high as $5000. The more advance and rich in features your furniture is going to be, the higher it is going to cost.

Recliners are usually more expensive than normal sofa or chair sets. They usually come in a range of prices. You can choose the one that fits comfortably within your desired budget.

Shopping for Recliners

You can purchase a good recliner from anywhere you want.

In-person Shopping

If you want to shop for the recliner in-person meaning that you wish to go visit different stores and see the different options yourself, then it is a great decision. This way you would be able to physically see and feel how the recliner is. You can see for yourself the comfort and different features the furniture provides as well as how well your body adjusts to the furniture.

It is best to visit different shops first and compare the variety of products the shops are offering. Check the prices, deals, and discounts different stores are offering, and then choose the recliner that best suits you.

Online Shopping

If you are busy and do not have the time to go visit stores, then online shopping is ideal for you. Go over the internet and explore different shops that are selling recliners. Investigate the different styles and kinds available before choosing the one for yourself. Check the customer reviews as well as the store rating to ensure that the shop you are purchasing from is authentic and has a good reputation.


What is the purpose of a recliner?

Recliner chairs or sofas are used for reclining or laying slightly flat at an angle. This is essential to do after sitting at a desk for long hours or standing for quite several hours. These pieces of furniture provide relief to your lower body and back by enhancing the proper flow of blood throughout the body and naturally improving circulation. Thus, preventing any swelling or inflammation that could occur by sitting or standing for long.

What is the average lifespan of recliners?

The average lifespan of recliners is around 10 years. Their lifespan depends on the quality of the recliner you purchase and the way it has been used. A chair or couch that is of premium quality and has been used with a lot of love and care may last anywhere from 20 to 25 years. While the ones that are cheap and are made up of relatively low-cost materials or the furniture that is not handled with care might only break down within 5 to 7 years of use.

What are the advantages of a power recliner?

Power recliners are easier to use, especially for older and specially-abled people as they require very less amount of body strength. Why you Should Invest in Recliners They are also much more technologically advanced and provide a luxury experience.

What are the disadvantages of having a power recliner?

Power recliners are much heavier, hence, they require a lot of manpower to move around the house. They cannot be placed outdoors since the weather can damage them. Apart from this, they can only be placed at points around the house that have power sockets available to provide electricity to allow them to work. The battery-operated power recliners also require regular replacement of batteries over time. Lastly Why you Should Invest in Recliners, the motors present in these furniture pieces can burn with time, hence, they have to be maintained and replaced when damaged.

Is it good to recline using a recliner?

It is very beneficial for your health to recline by using a recliner. This reduces pressure on your spine and allows better circulation throughout. Hence, it Is recommended to use a recliner for at least one hour a day.